We are a full service shop at Darbys.   We have focused on doing quality work at a fair price.  Our reputation means a lot to us, we’re here for the long term.  Our relationship with our customers over the years is of prime importance to us.  We always try to treat you like we would like to be treated ourselves.   Without you, the customer, we would be out of business….

Whether you need an engine rebuild, shock rebuilds, a full service or minor service, crash damage (insured or non-ensured), we can handle it.  Most everything we do, we do in-house so you get faster service.  No more waiting for the machine shop to get it done, We ARE the machine shop!  Need parts?  No problem!  We have more hard parts (pistons, gasket sets, connecting rods, and crankshafts) than probably anyone in the Northwest!  If we don’t have it or cannot do it for you, we can probably advise you where to go!  We have the connections!    Need high performance?  No problem!  We build to suit you and your budget.  We will be happy to talk to you using our years of experience and knowledge with your particular vehicle so you get the results you are looking for.  Whether it’s recreational, racing, hard-core, we’ve been doing this for a long time and you can depend on us to do the best job possible while trying to save you money where we can.

Shop Services

  • General Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Crash damage repair
  • Insurance claims
  • Engine Rebuilding
  • Performance upgrades
  • Clutch repair/Rebuild
  • Winterize/Summerize
  • Shock rebuilding
  • Fork rebuilding
  • Nitrogen charging
  • Tire changing and rebalance
  • Pre-buy inspection

Machine Shop Services

  • Boring
  • Re-sleeve cylinders
  • Honing
  • Cylinder ReNikisil (In stock/exchange)
  • Crankshaft Rebuilding/Repair
  • Head Work (motorcycle/atv)
  • Valve jobs
  • Mill work
  • Lathe work
  • Clutch balancing
  • Thread repair/ Stud removal

If you don’t see it here, ASK!