Small section dedicated to helping our customers


 Cylinder Identification

We provide a cylinder exchange program here at Darby’s Performance Machine. In order to be able to properly help you we need some information from you, first and foremost is the year, make, and model of your machine. Second would be the cylinder identification numbers off of your cylinder (see below photos), third we need to know if your core is in good shape for exchange. It doesn’t have to be perfect mind you, but in recoat able condition, I.E. no cracks, damaged threads, or broken parts. If you are unsure feel free to mail in the cylinder and we will let you know. The core cylinder needs to be received FIRST before we are able to do the exchange.


DSC02081 DSC02078 DSC02181 DSC02077 DSC02179 DSC02182 DSC02076 DSC02082 DSC02180